How am I supposed to start something with him if I'm moving?

We've been hooking up whenever we see each other over the past year. We hooked up first and slept together. A month later he asked me on a date, we went on a few dates but I was away at school so we never talked about what we were or our feelings and I guess we both just assumed it was casual. But now I'm pretty over this just hooking up and wanted it to go in some direction. I asked him if he liked me two weeks ago and he said of course and I asked if this was just about sex which he said he wouldn't answer.. so 4 days ago I told him I like him but think we would be better off just friends. He said "well if thats how you feel". I said we should talk and he just never replied.. He hasn't said anything to me since...
Also a month ago when I was on the phone with another guy he was jealous...
Anyways yesterday we finally talked. He told me he was hurt by what I said and upset. He told me he likes me and was just scared to say how he felt because he's scared to be rejected. I told him I felt and same and that I do care about him and like him.
But I found out I'm moving away for a job in two months, to Europe.. I really want to be with him, but Im moving:( What do I do? He wants to spend time with me and hangout! I want to date him too.. How am I supposed to start something with him while Im leaving in two months Im so upset:( Ill be able to see him like once or twice a month only.. I don't want to be with anyone else


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  • First: the whole saying how he really felt AFTER learning you were talking to another guy isn't the best sign. I feel like he did that just because he was jealous and wanted to make sure no one else had you. there's no excuse for not getting back to you when you asked to talk to him about your feelings! Thats messed up on his part. and the fact that all he had to say was "well if thats how you feel" and then disappear? That means he didn't really care. So if he's ACTUALLY making an effort and trying with you now: go for it! Long distant relationships are hard but if you want it, nothing should stop you and you'll be able to make it work!


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