Girls, What am I doing wrong here?

So here is my online dating descripton. Is there something wrong with it?
Hey, thanks for coming by and stalking my profile a bit ;). So here is some goodies for you to stalk. Well then. I’m a guy (duh!), but not just any guy. I’m THAT guy :) and I ride a Honda (woohoo!). I’m tiny bit reckless (1% of the time *cough*). My foot lives by the code 1 down - 5 up (will get you sweets if you know what that means). And I’m European, since it’s a pain in the bum to actually tell from my images (well I’m bit over exaggerating that fact).

I’m a pretty outgoing guy. The reason I say “pretty” instead of “uber” is because I’m pretty decent looking (ha-ha, had to add that for kicks and giggles). But for real, I’m willing to be outgoing to a certain extent, when things are down right crazy and I think they are “crazy” or even worse “bat sh*t crazy” then I’m not that outgoing.

For my part I’m pretty open about… everything really. Food, people, music, movies, crazy cat ladies, and more. However I should note that I’m pretty close minded on certain types of food, so no sheep liver for me or anything that is uniquely weird in food. I still love sushi truth, so yeah.


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  • I think it needs toning down, it's too chipper. lmao

    • Whats wrong with it being cheerful? I can create an identical one but it will be gloomy, so I would presume most people would rather have the cheerful "about me" vs gloomy one.

    • It's about balance.

    • Huh. Damn it, I know if I try to rewrite it, its gonna be gloomy or negative.. I either make it too cheerful or down right gloomy. Not very good with making it just right.

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