Girl I had a thing with in the summer went away to University, and I think she's seeing someone now. Still a chance when she gets back?

I had a thing with this girl for a few weeks before she went away to University. Like we've fooled around and I know we liked eachother before she left because she told me. She ended up going away to University pretty far away, and looking at her social media lately, looks like she's hanging out with one particular guy lately. I'm almost sure that she's seeing him now. It's been a few months she's been away at school, but she's coming home for Christmas.

I do still have an interest in her, so should I try hanging out with her again when she gets back even though I think she's seeing someone? Is there a chance she still has a thing for me? Also, should I ask her if she's been seeing someone?

Any tips would help


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  • If she's single when she returns.


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