Is it that important to reach out first?

I met a guy who I started dating and I liked everything about him but I was taking it slow while I felt as if he was rushing everything. I try to avoid those guys who just wants to get in your pants so I was somewhat hard to get. He gave me that feeling sometimes but as we kept dating we bonded. He intiated most and he reached out first. He quickly began to point this out - how he doesn't think I reach out. To me it wasn't a big deal because we saw each other anyway and it was great. I took his advice and did reach out sometimes yet he was complaining? A few months into this I went a whole week without actually talking to him, I wasn't sure where I had him and he got almost mad! I could go a couple of days without talking to him and he would reach out first but that doesn't mean I don't like him. We were dating it was not a relationship. He would text me telling me to text him and I thought if he really wants to be with me then how come he not ask me out anymore instead. I reached out first a little more but I still got to hear that I never did. He asked me in person why I don't, do you know how many times he would ask me? I think this made us drift apart. We didn't talk for three weeks and then he claims to be waiting for me to text him. He did reach out first a lot no matter what happened but he spent so much time complaining how little I did I began to feel a pressure that I should be texting him 24/7. In the end he told me that he didn't even think I liked him because I barley texted. I mean.. Does this makes sense to you?


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  • he expects it from you anymore


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