So my sister in laws boyfriend confessed this to my lady. Don't know what to do please someone help?

So my girls sisters boyfriend just confessed to her last night that he want to have sex with my girlfriend and the he loves her. So my girlfriend told me everything. But lately my girlfriend has been accusing me of cheating on her and all this other stuff. I don't know what to do. It kind of makes sense that if she was cheating on me of course she would be accusing me of doing it even though I have been entirely faithful to her since we met, but if she was it doesn't make sense why she would tell me about her sisters boyfriend telling her that stuff. Right now I'm debating on if I want to continue being with her. Someone please help. I'm really emotional right now hope this post made sense.


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  • So many red flag warnings: Do not pass go, do not collect $200, and especially do not drop $2k on a ring to make this girl your fiancee.

    If this is the same chick who you posted about a month or so ago, please, get out while you can. The chances are high that she is a serial liar and cheater and it's a guarantee that she's emotionally unstable. message me and I'll gladly give you my in-depth analysis that led to my answer above.

    I'm sorry. Good luck, Sgt...


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  • Try to talk it out. She SOUNDS loyal for telling you about this, instead of keeping it a secret. It's a good thing.
    But suddenly accusing you, that's just weird.

    Defend yourself, cause you have nothing to hide... prove it.


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  • I doubt the sister's boyfriend is her reason for accusing you of cheating. It sounds as if she isn't ready for a committed relationship now, and is looking for a reason to break up.

    You may as well accept that the break up is coming, and why not tell her you think it's time to end it, so she doesn't feel the need to make up reasons.

    At that point, she will probably TELL you if she has any interest in the sister's boyfriend.. or you'll find out in good time how that plays out!


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