IM FREAKING OUT, pls help me?

:Takes a deep breath:... Sigh. Okay. Here we go...

So. This guy I've had my eye on for more than HALF A YEAR just asked me out.
Like, this evening, for tomorrow. For TOMORROW.
I literally can't think straight, and I've been grinning like an idiot for the past 20 minutes.

I need to figure out how to not make a complete fool out of myself tomorrow, wear something actually nice, and, and... I dont even know. This suspense is killing me.

When a date is this important, what do you focus on mostly?
  • Focus on what you're wearing, your hair, make up
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  • Focus on your attitude, what you're going to say
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  • Relieve your anxiety first, calm down
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  • Stuff your face with food and hope the problem goes away
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  • Realize he's a human being too and is probably just as nervous
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  • Other (Elaborate in the comments)
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Most Helpful Guy

  • *Shakes you around*
    Calm the Fruit down! Exhale, take a deep breath.
    Ok? All good. Oki!

    He's just a person, just like you. He's not your nazi teacher who makes a problem out of the smallest mistake.
    Dress up, not too dressed up, but not too sloppy. Breath... Be yourself. Enjoy your time.

    Put that phone away during the date, don't mention exes, don't start talking about sex or something, cause these creepy things do happen

    • Thank you. I needed to hear this. I'll make a note of that last sentence, even though I never normally do that.. for, uhh.. prevention.. y'know.

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    • I dont have a drivers license ;_;

    • There is still time, dear ^^

Most Helpful Girl

  • I believe you should first think about wear he is taking you... Will it be fancy? If so, you can worry about hair, makeup, dress, etc. If not, wear something you would normally wear. He likes you for you, so calm down. He asked you out to date you, so just remember to breathe and act as if you were talking to a friend (unless he wants to be serious.) When you are with your date, your mind might go blank. just breathe, and move to a casual topic. the more casually you talk, the easier the date will be. You don't need to worry though, you seem sweet and considerate. Just have fun!

    • Sigh.. I suppose you are right. We are going for a stroll downtown, and will probably pick out a more casual place.. And thanks! : )

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  • seriously, just be yourself. why be nervous, you meet strangers everyday. if it goes badly, its not the end of the world

    • I know, I'm actually really chill normally! But I've been anticipating this for a while, and it's not like I can act it's not kind of a big deal when it is

  • E is very important, and B as well... just be yourself and take care of your attitude.
    Well, it's like 2 days ago now but I hope it was a very nice experience? :D

  • All of the above except stuff your face. Calm down but understand that you're excited so you won't calm down completely (you're going to be nervous). Make sure you're presentable considering where your going try to beat him at the level of niceness of your appearance but don't blow him out of contention so to speak. You're nervous and happy that is how you feel it will show no matter what so don't worry about that too much as far as what you say focus on the surface (it is a first date after all) don't get too personal, you don't know this person yet so...


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