What happens when your on a date?

I never been on a date before. So every time I hear my friends say my boyfriend says I take way too long to get ready for our date. Or something like I have to look perfect for this date. I just don't understand because I never got asked on a date. So when you go on the date what happens. Than after the date what happens than do you know if the guy likes you or not. How do you know if he likes you or not?


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  • When i go on a date its generally realy cozy since its mostly a home cooked meal at my girlfriends house. Since she has the motherly sense to want to look after her twin sister whos mute. So I tend to get to meet up at their apartment and enjoy a meal with the two of them. Which generally means the younger twin sister can add another Notebook to her collection of notebooks she has because she communicates by writing. If my gir friend isn't around her twin will literally sleep away days out of fear people will make fun of the fact she can't speak and can't sign. But she does know how to write in some of the prettiest hand writing ever generally she uses a pen from her calligraphy collection.


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  • It's like being with a friend you think is hot 🙂


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