How should I approach this guy?

He's tall , handsome , funny but also shy , doesn't really talk to girls or not really popular.. plus he's ONE YEAR YOUNGER than me?

We only had one facebook long pretty nice chat a week ago but thats it.

What should i do now?


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  • Find out what he's into nicely approach him and just kind of say hey be really flirty then just talk to him about stuff preferably things he likes just find a way to get on the subject and then act like you are in to it also if you are really flirty it will give him confidence and he will normally have no problem talking to you be kinda touchy touch or grab his arm hip bump him sit almost uncomfortably close to him maybe give him a hug when you leave you kinda want to be extra flirty because it will build his confidence and with confidence comes courage and with courage comes the ability to talk to you comfortably

    • Wow makes sense !
      Ill try your tips tomorrow

    • Chances are he is in to the same things as every other guy if he is shy around girls he will most likely have slightly lower standards then most he just doesn't have the guys to go talk to a girl or doesn't know how to but if you look interested then he will start to be like wow this isn't so hard then it will just be like talking to anyone else he has all the same wants and needs as the cockyest guy in the school just more respect and isn't brave enough to go for it

    • Also the fact that you are older will give him more confidence if you make the first move he will be like wow older girls talking to me

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  • Well are you two comfortable about being around each other? and one year is nothin girl.

    My girl friend is 20! a full one more year older than your difference since I'm legit 18 years old ^w^

  • Have another chat.

    • What do u suggest i talk about?

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    • Plus he's 1 year younger wouldn't he think of it as weird?

    • What is a year? But, I wouldn't think so.

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