Girls, I don't understand this girl?

i was seeing a girl for a little we had sex and all that. but anyways she kind of stopped talking to me im not sure why i could tell it was game playing and she was doing things to get my attention5. about a week later i texted her and things kind of went in motion but with the games of her playing hard to get. so my question is why did she pull away in the first place. i have to mention 2 things. one morning she called me and told me she really liked me and wanted to get very close. however that night we had plans to hang out, and there was a miscommunication in the time, she meant later i thought she meant earlier so i was mad and did curse at her a little bit. a friend of mine said sometimes when girls pull away its to see how much he cares? i dont really know. Now i dont care but im just curious as to why she still texts me and then when i reply she doesn't respond. i ask her to hang out but on a completely platonic level but she never responds, however she does ask me to hang out sometimes. I dont understand this at all lol


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