Should I friend request him on Facebook?

So I've been back and forth with a guy for years. We've had ups and downs but have just started talking again, which I'm over the moon about. We haven't been facebook friends for almost 2 years now, but since we've started talking and hanging out again, I was thinking of sending him a friend request. I want him to know that I'm serious about really opening up communication and investing in him. Not that Facebook is serious by any means, I just meant that if were not even facebook friends, how could he possibly take my intentions seriously? I don't want to make him uncomfortable though or put him on the spot since there could be several reasons why he may not want to connect on facebook at least just yet. I know for me there's the fear of seeing pics of him with girls that will make me insanely jealous and maybe cry, but despite that, for me this just feels like a natural and necessary next step if things are going to progress between us. Thoughts?


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  • I think it's a good idea, it'll let him know you actually are serious and want to give the relationship a short. Good luck 😊


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