Why Do I Have An Obsession with screwing other guy's gfs/wives?

Does anyone else have this? I love the risk and danger of it. I love the feeling of doing something wrong. I love the chase. I love getting closer in her emotions. I love when things begin to become inappropriate.

I find I'm capable of being so much more charismatic more romantic more sexual more on when I have this goal instead of a single woman.


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  • When you have a goal to do what? Hurt other people? Ruin relationships between people? Put yourself in the other guys shoes, how YOU would feel if someone did this to you. How would you feel if someone did this to your friend? Brother? Father? Do you want to be a part of damaging people emotionally/psychologically for years/rest of their lives? I hope the answer is no.

    Change your perspective.

    • But I'm not in their shoes. I'm in mine...

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    • did that last one lol it's fun.

    • Cool. Stop trolling. Or if this is serious, stop ruining your life cause you're on the path to hell.


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