She says she has no time?

So I know this is the oldest excuse in the book. Long story short this girl used to have feelings for me and now the roles have flipped. She truly is a genuinely busy girl, with school work and other things. But nobody is ever too busy... It's all priorities. And clearly I'm not one at the moment because she loves to talk about getting together. "Oh I'd love to do that. Or oh I would have loved to come" But then inserts some excuses... Leading to she has no time haha. How can I combat this? Being striaghtfoward with her about wanting to see her. She knows my intentions and hasn't told me to f*** off. So we are good there haha. I just can't ever seem to get a time to see her. What can I say to either become a priority? Or just to get my point across that I'm frustrated without sounding like a dick.


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  • you probably aren't giving her enough reason for her to make you a priority.

    • So how can I change that? What do I need to do/say? Not even just for her. In any situation how do I become more of a priority than an option.

    • give people what you want them to give you. Make her your priority, she'll make you hers.

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  • There are way more chicks in world to pull bro, You can always try "I am pissed" bullshit for last time lol


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  • Just ask her to hang out. If she tries to make up an excuse bring up the others times you tried to hang out. Don't push for an answer. Also if she claims she's busy all the time that might be a signal that she isn't interested. I know she didn't say that to you but she might be giving you the subtle hint that she just doesn't want to hang out. You never know though, I just know from personal experience. Just ask again and if this keeps going then I suggest you move on.


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