He doesn't want to call me his girlfriend?

So this guy and I have been "friends" for 5 months. I was kinda dating someone and he was also kinda dating another girl in those 5 month we were friends so we never did anything. However there was definitly attraction. When the guy i was seeing decided to end it, i was a little down. So my friend invited me out with our mutual friends to cheer me up. Long story short, we got really drunk and slept with each other.

The next day, he told me that he's been into me since we first met and that he was so elated that we slept together. He ended it with the girl he was kinda dating and we started seeing each other. Only problem, he does not want to make me his girlfriends. His reasoning is that he is going to move in 6 months and don't want to have to commit and countinue it as a long distance relationship. So we both agreed to this arangement and that we both are allowed to go on dates with other people as long as we aren't the one activily pursuing it.

Its only been a week of "dating" and he just being really strange about our situtation. We went to one of his friend's party together and he asked me how we should introduce ourselved to his friends (I said as friends). Today we had lunch and did some shopping together and i over heard him refer to me as his girlfriend while talking to a store clerk. I didn't ask him about it because i just assumed he said it to make it easy.

Today, a guy i've been on a few dates with a while back, contacted me again to ask if i wanted to go on a date again. I ask my "friend" if it was ok. He definily was bothered by it but said that we aren't commited to each other and said it was fine.

So I'm thinking this is not worth it. Should i just end it and go back to being friends with this guy?


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  • I'm confused. Looks like he don't want you to see other people. I don't know. Need to be up front with each other to see where things are


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