What should I answer to a guy who tells me he'd like to kiss me?

Hey everyone, I'm on Erasmus somewhere in the UK and about to leave in a month or so as the term will soon be over, and there is this guy with whom I've been talking for quite a long time now, going out and all as friends. He's been very thoughtful lately, I didn't really want to notice, but he just texted me that he would like to kiss me, even though that doesn't mean he wants to date me. I don't actually want to, it would be an awkward situation and I don't wan that. I would like to tell him no, because it's not a good idea, but without hurting his feelings. Any ideas?


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  • Well a guy who I have only know for a few months told me that and I didn't say anything. I know that I dont love him or could see myself with him. If you know you aren't into him or want to be with him then dont encourage anything. Simply say no or say nothing. I know people kiss people and say things like "no strings attached" or they wouldn't fall for you but then they do and it gets messy sometimes.

  • tell him 'well i don't bitch' lol jk
    just tell him he isn't your type and say sorry


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