What does it mean if your girlfriend tells you she is going to sleep but you always catch her up in the night?

My girlfriend tells me she is going to sleep all the time but always is up in the middle of ghe night. I don't know what're is doing. I would hate for her to be cheating. I told her before we started dating how much i despise cheating. She tells me she will never do melee that. Her behavior though I don't know i mean she texts me back fast. She tells me what she about to do like the other day one of her hoe friends wanted her to go with her and4 dudes to "turn up" but i shut that down instantly. I just dont know though i tell her all the time that i think she is doing something but she tells me everytime that she isn't and that she wouldn't do that to me. She days she wants a future with me but its 2015 cheating is trending its the new thing to do and if i find or she is i might kill her. (not literally) i will do some foul things though if i find out she is. Ill fuck her friends, cousins , sister and her and when im done ill tell herat herself and leave. Im truly child hearted thats why i dont cop this love stuff but i hope its real cause id never do anything to jepordize the relationship


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  • She doesn't want to talk to you at night


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