Girls, Should I do something about this girl?

Well, 2 years ago i met this girl at college, she is amazing, like its unbelievable, anyways i've always liked her but she had a boyfriend so i stepped out... she broke up with him and a year ago i "asked her out" kinda well we got along inmediately. So we started eating together almost every day and i started to like her even more... one day her bff told me to stop because i was making a fool of myself by being too frontal and taking her to eat and paying and that she was taking advantage of me and that she would never see me as more than a "gay friend" so i stopped the chasing and kept the friendship for months. Now the girl is on her hometown and will come next semester and im in mine. So i and her bff became good friends. Yesterday while drunk her bff told me that actually the girl was mad for me, gave me all the hints she could and was waiting for me to make a move, but i was too coward to do it so she stopped. We're like the best friends and talk everyday even though she is on another city. What do you think? Was her bff honest the first time. Or was she honest when drunk? If so should i pray she doesn't hook up till next semester and confess to her? Do i still stand a chance? Or should i accept i already screwed up with the girl and keep on living like this?


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  • Accept it and learn from your mistakes


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