WWYD? Stick with original plan or hold off?

My boyfriend is coming over tonight. I wanted to surprise him with a late candle light romantic dinner. He won't be over until 7 and I was planning on wearing something a bit sexy and doing a sweet dinner for him, wine candles music etc.

He told me last night he wants to come over, eat, go to a Christmas display that closes at 830, then grab a drink and come home.

We seldom are at my house (I live in the country, all cool stuff is around him) so I don't know when my next chance to do the surprise thing may be, at least not til after Christmas. On the other hand, this is our last chance to do the Christmas event and he does love this event. I didn't tell him I was counting on something else; I'm torn.

Such a dumb thing to be undecided over, lol.

So... out of these choices, help me out:

  • Romantic dinner, after all you planned it
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  • Try to do a quick romantic dinner, then go to event
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  • Save the candlelight for another night
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Update: He was watching a football game and decided we would do the event another night. We planned that for Tuesday, turns out we had another chance. He came over around 8. We ended up having a fantastic night at home. He was very pleased with the surprise candle light and bottle of wine dinner.

Cool when things work themselves out :)


Most Helpful Guy

  • Well, it's not a dumb thing to be undecided about. It's a sign that you care about him.

    Those are all lovely things to do. I am inclined to go to the event and have a romantic evening when you get back. The event comes but once a year, and he seems to enjoy it.

    I wish for you happiness and a great evening.


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  • When he says "come home" does he mean back to your place?

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    • That was my exact thought, thank you! But he suddenly decided to reschedule the event due to football. First time football ever worked in my favor! Turns out we can go Tuesday. He came over around 8, we had a great night :)

    • So happy for you❤️

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  • I had to vote hold the romantic dinner for a different night. If the dinner runs late it could cause you to miss the event and bum him out. From the time he gets there until the event closes you only have an hour and a half


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