Is she really interested in me? should I chase her or let her go?

There is a girl in my class (class takes place once a week) who talks to me very happily and nicely and even flirts too.
We sit together most of the time but sometimes she doesn't sit with me, she sits right in the front of the class... but she comes upto me for 5 minutes and sits with me and then leaves.
I just want to know, if she is really interested in me... wouldn't she sit with me for more than 5 minutes given that we meet only once a week?
And also in my presence, she went from her seat and sat with a dude for entire lecture, and she ignores me too infront of that dude.
  • She is really interested and i should chase her.
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  • She is just being friendly. she likes that dude.
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  • Being a girl, I think she likes you! Go for it! :)

    • But she just sits with me for 5 mins? why would she do that?
      and we dont always sit together... its always me who go upto her...
      and when we dont sit together... she comes upto me and just talks to me for 5 mins...

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