Racism at work?

I dont want to pull out the race card, but i live down south in a european country, im African and a woman but at almost every job, they act like i can't handle the job or that i dont know what i am doing when i do know what im doing or they dont trust me fully with information, or if im late once or maybe even twice in like 10 months, they trulyyy hate me and make me do the worst kind chores. I keep ignoring it but its makes me wonder is it racism or is it truly me? Should i just move more west or north... or should i stay close to family here in the south and ignoring it? Mayve its my attitude, but why should i keep making friends at work, while i have my own friends and i m there to WORK and then leave.


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  • Always make friends.

    Everything is politics. To hold you position at your job you need to make allies and know who your enemies are.

  • "I don't want to pull out the race card"

    But that's exactly what you're doing. When you are treated badly by someone you automatically assume it's racism even when it's not. It's a very destructive mindsets and actually serves to perpetuate racism rather than helping end it.


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