Guys, Someone asked me if I am looking for a boyfriend because his friend single I smiled & asked him about his age/job then he never open the topic?

Did I give him sign that I am not interested or did he change his mind? Did I do something wrong? What should I do?


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  • Why did you ask about his job? That's a red flag to me.

    • Really is this bad question!!

    • Ask yourself... why did you ask him what his job is? What do you think that made him think about your intentions and your personality?

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  • You did nothing roung he probably was lying or just changed his mind.

  • DAMN, you asked him about his job?

    Translation - "How much money do you make?"


    • We both have a great job

    • @asker That doesn't matter because your question was very rude. You basically said "how much money are you making?"

      "Money is what really matters to me because it is the first thing I ask when I meet people."

      "I think about it all of the time."

    • I heard that some guys they say I am Gold digger but honestly I am not at all. Usually very simple things make me happy but I like to ask about everything

  • Did you seriously ask him about his job?

    • I just asked in general. Is it bad question?

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    • :-( but I have a good job and also he has a great job

    • Yeah but he might get the feeling that the job might be an important part of your standards. Just tell him you would be interested in going on a few dates with the guy

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