Is it wrong for me to think im a good guy for dating a fat girl and not caring about looks as much?

I tend to think I'm not shallow and that I'm a good person for it. Is that bad?


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  • I don't see how ones weight should affect your attraction to her. If you liked her and thought she was a great person then that makes you genuine and not concerned over physical appearance as most guys are

    • She was a wonderful person and I did like her. But I know others won't think the same way. I liked her for her personality. She was morbidly obese like really big. But she was beautiful on the inside which lead to be being attracted to her physically as well.

    • And that's how it should be 😊 don't worry about her im pretty sure she'll find someone too

    • She did and we are actually still friends. Sorta weird but I'm glad her and I still talk.

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  • yea.. your settling for the sake of being nice have self respect and go for a grl you think is hot

    • He didn't say she was ugly...

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    • i couldnt date someone i dont enjoy looking at. but also i wouldn't date someone i dont like being with. you need to meet in the middle if you dont care then great but i thought you were settling

    • Ok that makes sense.

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  • It's not bad... bu calling her a fat girl makes u sound kinda contradictive...

    • So if she's fat, what do you call her?

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    • Fat is a mean word. Overweight is not.. For most, I guess... not all...

    • I've never said that to anyone because of the negative connotation it holds. But really is just means really overweight. But I see your point.

  • No because you appreciate her and you do not judge people on the way they look. So, good job.

  • No, of course not! But do you genuinely love this girl is the question to ask yourself? :)

    • I really care about her and love her as a friend now that we stopped dating. She found someone which I feel is great.

    • Then that's all that matters dude! Good job. :)

  • It makes you open, but not a good person.

    • Fat is not a mean word. People just lose their shit and can't tell from context if you are being derogatory or not.

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