Girls, do you like or dislike if a guy thinks you are out of his league or too attractive for him?

He is still secure in the relationship and trusts you. He just feels like you are way too attractive and can't believe you two are actually together. He wonders why but has accepted the impossible.


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  • This is my boyfriend and my out look on each other. Neither of us believe we deserve the other. He's so incredible and amazing... But he's nerdy, shy, and a year younger than me. And according to him, im "a goofball and different, but also beautiful, sexy, and outgoing."


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  • It is flattering. But if he's secure in the relationship, he won't feel that way. Out of my league means insecurity. You can't have both.

    • Ok well what if he's just amazed that you actually like him?

    • Well, it just means that he has very low self esteem. It's cool in the beginning or the honeymoon phase but not beyond that.

  • Personally I love it lol... makes him appreciate you more and less likely to cheat


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