Why does he keep telling me he has no feelings for me?

We are friends with benifits, at first i didn't know, he showed some signs that he liked me, he was acting like my boyfriend. so i spoke to him and he said he didn't want to have any feelings for anyone now, he just wants to enjoy his time in college etc. he told me not ge attached or fall for him. next time he told me he can stay away from me because he didn't want to hurt me. anyways i stayed close, we continued the whole friends with beniits, i moved to a different country, stopped talking for 4 months, he dated another girls for like 3 months and he told anyone he dates, its probably just temporary just passing time. nothing permanent. anyways he wanted to go back to the friends with benifits thing, but we are friends and a lot of things have happened problems and shit and he was there for me and e fought so much and i caused him so many problems, yet he's still sticking around anyways im movig to another place which will be closer he keeps telling me to come so he can come visit me, i guess for sexual shit? I don't know

the thing is he repeadtly keeps telling me, that he doesn't like me! and that im not his girlfriend! SO many times its getting annoying. I told him a lot that i got it and were just friends but he keeps bringing it up. So last time i told him that i kissed someone else, he literally just stopped and he was like what? he's like did you do anything else, and he stopped talking completly, like he was hsocked id be with someone else, then he goes you know i dont like you right, so im like i dont like you too so he's like yes you do, so im like i wouldn't have kissed another guy if did.

anyways why does he keep repeatedly say he doesn't liek me? something is wrong no body does that, is he just fucking crazy or what?


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What Guys Said 1

  • I think he's just being overly paranoid that you might fall for him, maybe he need to be checked out?

    I don't think its because he likes you since he tells you all these things, I highly doubt he's telling you all these to make you jealous.

    I would probably recommend you to just be friends with him instead of with benifits to see how the situation goes.


What Girls Said 2

  • Two solutions:

    One, he genuinely likes you, but says he doesn't because he wants to seem aloof and cool and he believes you're with him only for sex. So he's scared that if he tells you that he has feelings for you, you might cut him off.

    Two, he's afraid that if you start sleeping with someone else, you might not sleep with him anymore. He might lose his fuck buddy.

  • He sounds like an entitled asshole who doesn't respect you in the slightest. Drop him.


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