What should I do now?

There was a guy I dated and it was all good but he got a new job and had to move
Anyways long story short
He cheated on me
I was really extremely heartbroken
It's the worst pain I could have felt and it made me realise I loved him. If i didn't I wouldn't hurt so bad.
He blocked me on social media and basically didn't hear from him
Couple months later messages me appologizing
I just said yeah sure because I forgive but don't forget basically.
He mentioned how he's trying to patch things up with the other girl because
They broke up because she found out about me.
Couple weeks go by he said she cheated on him.
Couple more and he says he wants me back and that when he dated the other woman t was torture because he didn't want her
He wanted me.
He felt like shit knowing how much je hurt me and went into serious depression
He wants me back and will to extreme things to prove to me he wants me back.
So should I be stupid enough to go back to him or move on


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  • I won't tell you what to do, but you need to consider everything that happened before you go back to him. Remember that he cheated on you, blocked you on social media, and ignored you for a couple of months. It looks like he only came back to you when the other girl didn't want him, so I think that should raise a red flag there. I think that he is an extremely untrustworthy guy, who will come to you only when someone else dumps him, but I think he will just leave you or cheat on you again. I don't think he is a great guy, and you can spare yourself a lot of heartbreak by not going back to him again. I think that you should let him go. He seems like one of those guys who always needs to date a girl, not caring who it is, but will leave/cheat if he thinks he sees a better offer.


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