What does she want? Flirts with a guy in my absence but ignores him in my presence?

1. Ok so this girl likes me... She gives me all the signs.. she follows me all the way in the college.
2. There is this guy, who talks to her and she also smiles and laughs with him and flirts with him too.
3. But even then she did not stop giving me signs... i ignored her so basically she started in crying.
4. They both sit sometimes together and sometimes they dont sit together (the girl sits on the first row and the guy sits in the middle of the class)
5. When I go out with my friends in the break, my friends tellme that she comes upto that guy and sits with him for 3-4 minutes... what they talk is (hey how r u, and then they talk about mobile apps and features)
6. She then goes out of the class, and then chases me where i hang out with my male friends.
7. Also, when im in the class, she ignores him... she doesn't smile at him, neither she talks to him happily and when he comes and sits with her... she just talks about studies... and then she excuses herself out of the class, as if to tell the guy to go back to his seat and leave her alone.
8. She also came and sat with me one day for the lecture wen that guy was present.
Now i want to know, is there something between them? If she likes me ,. what was the need for her to go and sit with that guy in the break?
  • She likes that guy, I should not come inbetween them.
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  • She is just being friendly with that guy, im overthinking.
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Most Helpful Girl

  • You know, I'm not sure. She could very easily be using you to make the other guy jealous. That's sort of how it sounds. Sorry. But she could like you. She might have started using the other to make YOU jealous. But then you ignored her so she now she has to make it clear she's not into him. But the issue is now the other guy is into her. I suggest you just ask her out and see how it goes from there. Girls like confident guys.

    • Yes... she stood up from her chair and sat with me infront of that guy... isn't that a clear sign that she likes me?
      And also, when im around... she doesn't laugh with him, doesn't smile or doesn't flirt with him...

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    • R u sure she really likes me and not using me to make that guy jealous?

    • You know, I don't know her. I don't know you. But from what I do know, it seems to me that she likes you. But to be sure you should flat out ask her.

Most Helpful Guy

  • You're over analyzing I think. I think she's interested, and so are you, and you're worried about the other guy. Based on what you say they talk about, it doesn't really sound like flirting. I don't think there's enough information to say that she's using the other guy to make you jealous, but if she is, let her be. It doesn't sound like you're the most confident, and if she's got that trait, it'll really get to you.

    Also, it seems as though you want her attention, otherwise you wouldn't be worried about the other guy. You have the option to go talk to her and feel things out. And don't be gullible.

    • Yeah im sure they talk about mobile stuff apps and features,,, well thats what my friend told me who was right behind their seat when she came and talked to him... there are a few things which may make sure that he is just a friend---
      1. she spend only 5 mins with that guy althought if she liked him she would have spend a lot more time than just 5 mins.
      2. she went from her seat and sat with me for entire lecture (2 hours)... and that dude was present in the class...(she ignores him in my presence whereas when both of us are there in the class, she came and sat with me)
      3. she came in class and she literally shouted my name like "hey james, water"... as if she wanted that guy to listen this...
      based on all these facts... what do u decide?

    • Talk to her dude. Looks like she wants to be around you.

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What Girls Said 3

  • That guy seems to like her. She seems to like you but since you keep ignoring her, she might change her mind.

    • (like you little more than that guy)

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    • Ask her really gently. "what do you think about that guy? etc"

    • Ok i will start gently and if she denies, then i will get aggressive

  • sorry but she seems to like that guy

    • How?
      She ignores him in my presence

    • And how can u say she likes him when all they talk about is mobile and apps and features?

  • Dude stop asking this

    • What do u think? i asked this first time... she likes me or that guy?

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    • Whatever. She doesn't like you. Your other polls when you keep asking this said she likes other guy.

    • Ok i will make another question... then we will see hahahahaha...

What Guys Said 1

  • It sounds like she likes both of you. The challenge will be seeing who she likes more.

    • Well she stood from her seat and sat with me infron of that guy and then she asked for water from me...
      isn't that a clear sign that she likes me?

    • she ignores the other guy infront of me... but infront of him she comes and sits with me... what u say?

    • I'd guess she likes you. She's either just friends with the other guy or just likes you more.

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