How do you imagine your ideal relationship progressing?

From the point where you don't even know the other person until you become exclusive, how do you imagine your ideal relationship progressing?

Be as descriptive as possible!
Come on peoples. I know you have opinions on this!! 😶


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  • -Meet in person and become friends
    -Frequent texting and online messaging which leads to mutual interest
    -Occasional dates (Usually adventurous, sometimes typical dinner & lunches)
    - Start seriously dating
    -Move in together in an apartment
    -Get engaged
    -Eventually get married
    -Have a kid. (Hopefully 3 by some point because I want a set of twins..)
    -Typical growing old together stuff and what not..


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What Girls Said 8

  • - Meeting him somewhere normal and random (can be at University or on the internet)
    - Getting to know him a lot and see his points of views regarding many subjects (politics/family/relationship...) preferably on the internet as it's more practical to share ideas.
    - Hang out somewhere nice and quiet
    - Tell me he likes me and I tell him I like him back
    - Start dating for a couple of years
    - Get engaged
    - Get married
    - Live together after getting married and lose my virginity to him.

  • 1. Lots of emails for a couple of months
    2. Lots of phone calls
    3. Lots of Skype dates for a couple of months
    4. Visiting, once a week for a few months
    5. Exclusive dating, and possible engagment
    6. continue of 1-5
    7. Marriage

    • seems like you plan on having your ideal relationship begin online and be a long-distance one.

    • my relationship was a long distance one.

  • How do you imagine your ideal relationship progressing?:

    honestly and respectfully, with lots of attraction and some similar interests and very similar values.

    the rest can sort itself out, really. i dont care where it goes or how long it goes for... i just want solid quality and content.

  • We see each other and BAM falls in love right away. Love at first sight. But we never get the chance to talk before I head home. When in my room I hear someone citing Romeo. I look outside and there he is. He climbs up and we sit on the balcony and talk about everything all night. When it's time for him to leave.. he hugs me and gives me his number. Then it turns out our parents hate each other and we can never be together so I fake my own death.. when I wake up I see him next to me DEAD! So I kill myself too.

    • so awesome and original, you should make a play about it and force children to learn about it wasting years of their lives to get a grade in English or something.

  • I wouldn't make plans for how my relationship should be. As long as it feels good and i love that person.

  • We are looking at finding an apartment where I currently live and possibly a guard dog for protection. There are mountain lions and coyotes :/

  • Him not being an asshole is a good start, because as soon as I detect verbal abuse I will dump him

  • slow sstarting being polite and nice become friendly and make the other one feel special and the get in a relationship.


What Guys Said 2

  • l wear the pants.

  • Her feeding me blue berry waffles.


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