How I go out with a guy without getting freaked out on the whole labels thing?

Okay so there's this guy who recently been hinting at asking me out, but ever time he gets close to doing it I cut him off and change the subject. I do really like him, but the thing is I know to much about him. Like before we were great friends, he would tell me about his girlfriends and his crushes at the time, most of them my friends. Plus, he has a girlfriend. Technically it's not even a relationship because both know it's over but none have the decency to say its first. But when asked , his girlfriend still says they are together. To top things off even more awkwardly, I would help him fix his relationship with his girlfriend. All this information, kind of makes me not want to take that chance. I know he likes me now, and I really like him now. But I run for the hills, I'm just kinda scared that what he felt for those girls he will feel the same for me. Should I stop caring about that and just do it? Like how do I take a leap of faith and just get with him, honestly the whole boyfriend and girlfriend scare the shit out of me , so if you can convice me get with him. Also help me that I don't have to label myself


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  • take things slow


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