He told me he likes me but he's not talking to me?

We've been close friends for over a month now but we just kinda knew each other before for a year. We hang out a lot and text constantly, like everyday. So he liked this girl and I helped him and like gave him tips on how to get with her and were just good friends, but then he started acting weird, he'd get upset with me over silly things and I hung out with his brother last week with another friend and he got mad at me and said he was disappointed in me and wouldn't talk to me the next day in school and then said it was a "joke" but he was butthurt.
All this week he's barely text me and never sends me good morning anymore before school but will sometimes talk to me in school so yesterday; my 2 friends, his brother and his brothers friend came over to my house to hang out bc he was hunting and his brother was joking saying I had a crush on his friend and he started texting me asking if I actually did and he kept saying "don't lie, I know you do" and "you like him don't you" but I kept telling him I didn't. He was texting my friend too and he told her he likes me, then he text me saying "I like you" while we were texting and I said "as friends or more" and he said "idk it depends on your answer", I said "no just tell me" but then he just completely ignored that and changed the subject and got jealous again bc I was gonna hang with his brother even tho he knows his brother likes another girl and they have a thing but he kept saying that he was gonna try get with me, which never happened bc were just friends

but why isn't he texting me? And if it is it's just bc he's mad or jealous?
I don't know whether I like him or not, I did want him to like me but I don't know I've never liked relationships and neither does he bc he's told me so what should I do? Was he just joking the whole time?


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  • He didn't mean it , i mean when he says that he likes you


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