Boyfriend gets extremely pissed at me whenever I am tired and want to take a nap?

We have two children currently and I am 11 weeks pregnant. I get tired frequently, mainly because of complications with this pregnancy. I have very low iron levels and morning sickness that makes it impossible to keep anything down. Medications don't work. Therefore, I always feel weak and fatiqued. He knows this and claims to be "so concerned" about my condition. Yet, he gets extremely pissed and cocks an attitude with me whenever I want to lay down and get some rest. He will actually purposely stay in bed some days playing on his phone and not help me with the kids because he is butt hurt about the one day that I nap out of the week. I have asked him why he gets pissed off about it if he is so concerned and he will claim that he isn't. However, he will ignore me after I wake up from my rare naps and when he does speak to me he will have an attitude and roll his eyes at everything I say.
The doctors have told him that I am making my condition worse by not getting much sleep. I go to bed around 10, just to wake up with my kids at 5am while my boyfriend sleeps in till around 1pm everyday. Plus I work 38 hours a week on top of that even though my doctor has advised to cut back working to 20 hours due to how weak I am. They have even mentioned me being bedridden due to having a developing case of preacclampsia. He claims to understand and wants me to follow through with doctors orders but then gives me an attitude about it?


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  • Sounds like a vitamin D deficiency, like myself


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  • Fuck him. Sounds like a gigantic asshole.


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