Why is she so confusing?

This girl is close friend of mine and she knows that i like her and we flirt but she has a boyfriend. We had a small fight after that we didn't had any conversation for 3 days. We talk all the time and i missed her a lot. So i went in her colony to say sorry. She saw me but then ignored me and i also ignored her. But after sometime when she was sitting with her boyfriend i went there and while i was going she saw me then looked in opposite direction. I said her sorry but she behaved as if nothing happened and wanted to talk to me. I didn't talk much as her boyfriend doesn't like me. Next day when i messaged her she didn't replied. After showing some attitude for hours she replied and said to change the topic and talk about something else. So why was she ignoring me when nothing happened? Was she missing me?


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  • I believe that you Are 'Missing' something here, dear, and it is the fact that she has A... Boyfriend.
    I believe that with both of you having all this drama Queen redrick, she has decided it Best from the Rest that you both do not talk now, that you move on, and that you have to Accept the Fact that she is Taken and has No sure signs of breaking it off with him.
    Focus on you now, find someone who is more available. You wore your own heart on yous sleeve, and I blame her as well, things got out of Hand when she knew she had This... Man.
    Good luck. xx

    • But we've been good friend for many months now and we enjoy each others company

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    • I have another question foru i hope you'll help me. So I've been talking to this girl for last 2 days. She shows lot of interest while we chat but doesn't text first. Should i keep texting first?

    • No need to stand on ceremonies and she may like it that you text first.. carry on and happy New Year, dear. xxoo

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