Please tell me I did the right thing by leaving him?

Since I broke up with the guy I had been dating I started having second thoughts about it especially when he was so quick with finding another girl. I understand it's his choice but I would not have dumped him if it wasn't for my guts. It all started when I found out he was talking to another girl as well and another one and another one. I figured it was okay after all since we just date. Sometimes he would leave flirty comments on other girls pictures and even slept with this one girl while we dated. He does not know that I know but oh I do. Yet he continued to purchase me and I felt like I was dating two people. I mean here I was all ready to be with only him, I did nothing wrong to begin with but he did all of this. Eventually I pulled away and of course he pulls in but I began to consider breaking up with him. Yeah I gave upon him and felt so bad about it because despite this bad behaviour I really liked him and just wanted to make him my boyfriend but he didn't seem like someone to be trusted. I felt somewhat cheated on. Now it's apparently my fault because I gave up on him and didn't seem bothered but I would never have given upon on him if he wasn't such a "player?" I feel bad for leaving him because he chased me no matter what and then I just leave but his flirty behavior was just unacceptable to me.


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  • You did the right thing. What kind of guy sleeps with another girl while dating someone, far out.

  • Last sentence said it all. His behavior was unacceptable to you, so you did the right thing.


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