Guys, It seems like my crush likes me but he says nothing his friend was flirting with me y?

after having eye contact with my crush in the bar He saw me catch a ride with his friend I quickly explained that I wanted to ask him for a ride to my car but I wasn't sure he would have said yes the next time I saw him his friend that gave me a ride flirted with me and my crush flirted with some one else ( who apparently knows who i am cause she was eyeballing me ) im not sure how how he knew her she could have been a friend or a relative I don't know was it a bad move to get a ride with his friend? who seems to have a good opinion of me cause he told me. also how come it seems like every girl my crush talks to knows who i am?


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  • He probably tells other girls about you and it seems like he's trying to make you jealous.


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