Why can't I get a boyfriend?

So I'm 21... Never had a real boyfriend.
I dated someone for a few days but that's about it.
I've tried dating websites, tinder and I can't get through to any guy.
I'm normal? I guess. I work a decent job, I live by myself, I go out when I can.
I don't know people say I'm fun? Some guys I met online say im pretty.
So what am I doing wrong?
Should I dumb myself down?
Sometimes I think it's the city I live in. It's notorious for hook ups.. but I dont want that.
What can I improve?


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  • If you are looking for love, the best thing to do, is go out enjoy meeting new people without any expectations. What I have realized is, when you go chasing for love, it never works, and come across needy and desperate.

    You are only 21, I seriously wouldn't be worrying about boys yet. I would focus on starting out your life first, get a career going for yourself first. Trust me, boyfriends won't make you happy, at your age, they will just cause nothing but heartache.

    Relationships are not melting pots. They are unions. You walk into them with your own visions, your own hunger, and when you are confident in that, when you allow for that to thrive within you, you never break yourself down to appease the pursuit. You simply exist, as you are, and when you meet someone who does as well, when you meet someone who chooses you within that, you thrive together, and that creates a dynamic that is ever growing and influential.

    • Do not chase another human being. Instead, chase your curiosity. Chase your development and your goals. Chase your passion. Strive to work for something bigger than yourself, and instead of trying to convince someone that you fit within their world, strive to build your own

What Girls Said 1

  • Often, it doesn't happen because you don't let it happen. Even if you don't even realize it.
    I witnessed it among my friends. Most of them had their first boyfriends late. Some broke up but most of them have no problem meeting men now.
    I myself had my first experiences with men at 20. I just never let myself meet men.
    After a while, it was just easy

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