Mixed signals that I just can't read?

There is a guy in my group of friends that confuses me greatly. Originally when I first joined the group he was not very nice when there were not people around. Not in a playful way, but like specifically telling me the wrong restaurant we were going to kind of way.
After a year or so he finally calmed down and began being friendly all the time. I've always been interested in him, but I can't figure him out. If I get any signals at all they are always mixed:
-He lends me books and movies with an indefinite time line (including his favorites)
-He answers questions about my life and "defends" me before I can even comment about a question asked
-He always answers my texts
-He picks up on things that I talk about and even bought me my favorite cartoon character for my Birthday.
-He has started giving me cards for holidays/big events with lengthy comments written in them
-He remembers things that I can't eat and makes sure I don't consume them (because only one other person out of 12 also remembers)
But I have yet to have him actually hang out in a non group environment. He never contacts me first, its always me contacting him. He doesn't always sit near me (unless other guys are around). And he doesn't try to touch me in any way (even a parting hug is rare). So I just can't figure it out.


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  • Sounds like just a friend with a good memory for you tastes, likes and dislikes.


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