Should I ask my ex crush if he ever liked me?

I m in college now. There was this guy in my school whom i liked. he also used to give me a lot of attention and we never dated but talked with each other a lot for 6 months. Then slowly i guess his interest was lost. He would reply to my texts but wid a single word like yes or no or ok. I have moved on now.
but shud i ask him if he ever liked me? If dere were any qualities in me due o which that a guy would date me, bcoz i m average looking acc. To me. And have never dated anyone as i am very shy and insecure towards boys. maybe his reply would help me in knowing a boy s nature in future. I m very confused bcoz a part of me also feels it is a very silly idea and its nt wise to ask him as we both r nt in touch anymore, even though i miss him. Pls any advice regarding it will help.. thanku in advance.


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  • I wouldn't ask him. He may have liked you enough to keep in contact but his lack of response shows he lost interest in you. It shouldn't matter the reason why he lost interest. knowing the reason doesn't alter anything. Some times ignorance is bliss. 💚


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  • Just ask for all you no a new realationship could spark you might find it again

  • I personally would feel weird asking. You only spoke a few months and it was just casual chat. You can ask if you want though, but even if he did he still might not say because past is the past


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