Guys, Does the way you hug a girl mean anything?

A guy and I are emotionally close, and I would say we are attracted to each other. Today I hugged him goodbye, and our bodies were pressed together and he rubbed my back. Then he pressed me even tighter against him. When I let go, he lingered but then his hands slid down my waist somehow and ended up touching my butt just a little. But his hands lingered on me and I felt sexual tension. And I was the one to break the hug because I had to leave the house because my friend was waiting for me outside. Did that mean anything for him?


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  • Mmm yeah he was definitely hugging you more than a friend. If you aren't interested in him I'd suggest not letting that happen again.

    • I like him. Thank you for your feedback, didn't know if it was just in my head that he could be attracted to me in an intimate way and was showing me that through this hug.

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