Girls, Would you rather pursue a really great, attractive guy and ask him out yourself, or go out with a less awesome guy who asks you out?

Here is the scenario: you have this very attractive guy (guy number 1) who is like an 8 out of 10 attractiveness wise. He is also really intelligent, friendly, easy to get along with, funny, and all these other great attributes (you also know for a fact he is single). You talk with him every now and then but you aren't that close to each other. You really like him a lot. At the same time some guy that you know a little (guy number 2) comes along and asks you out. This guy isn't as handsome as guy number 1, you dont think he is nearly as funny, and his personality isn't nearly as good, but he asked you out. What do you do?

BQ: Would your opinion change if you found out Guy number 1 really liked you but he was 2 scared to ask you out?
  • Go out with the guy who asked me out
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  • Go for the guy who I like the best, even if it means having to ask him out myself
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  • Do absolutely nothing and forget about both guys
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  • I'm a guy/Other
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  • The guy who asked me out probably likes me more. The guy I had to ask out probably has other options he likes better than me.

    • So you would rather date the guy that asks you out?

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