She'll let me know when she gets her work timetable, but hasn't?

Been on three dates with this girl and been over to her place where we got intimate.

On Saturday, I texted her a joke about her dog in which she replied, then she sent a second text asking what I did yesterday. I mentioned going out with friends then joked about her hurting her leg, etc.

I asked when she'd be next free so I could nurse her poorly knee. She replied "Don't know until tomorrow! When are you free" (hasn't got her work timetable yet) so I told her not Sunday or Monday because I'm working really late. She said "Ok I'll let you know!".

I haven't heard back all of Sunday about it, should I ask about it?


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  • No, just give her another day or two to respond then if there's no text from her, hit her up. I mean it hasent been that long since the last text right? She most likely is just busy and will hit u up when she gets the chance. :)


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