How to avoid feelings?

Ok so I'm not exactly a likeable guy when it comes to romantic interests, I'm not very good looking and I have pretty bad anxiety so I over think even the little things and they just eat away at me. I've found my personal temporary solution (I presume everyone's is different) for when my anxiety flares up a lot but I just don't want it to in the first place.

I'm not a virgin, I've slept with one girl in my life (I'm 19) which was my flatmate but that was months ago and we're very good friends again but I did catch feelings for her, she wasn't particularly special in any way but I caught feelings because she was the first female attention I had in a while.

I met another really nice girl last week, to be honest on the off set she seemed nearly perfect (pretty, funny, just the right amount of nerdyness, sexy etc). She was coming over tonight and my flatmates all started teasing me about the fact that it was a date and even though it wasn't actually a date (everyone had tickets to something and we were the only ones left so I asked her over so we weren't lonely) the thought kept popping into my mind about what could happen and if she likes me or not so I just over thought it and as usual, it ended up badly and I really liked her but not even a glimpse of it was mutual.

I just don't want feelings in general, for me it's only happened a few times and they've all ended up with me getting hurt with very few good times before hand. How do I avoid it all, I still like talking to girls but I just want to have fun, I'm still young and I want to go out and have a laugh, I don't want to be upset about feelings and girls playing their tricks.


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  • Be numb? That's not fun


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