Girls, what is the worst thing that a guy can do on a first date?

Girls, what is the worst thing that a guy can do on a first date?
We all have stories about bad first dates. I had an online dating experience with a lady who had posted pictures from 10 years/100 pounds ago. Another date invited me to spend the night at her apartment and I was missing $100 from my wallet the next morning; she blamed it on her roommate, but I never met the phantom roommate. And, of course, I have had one or two first dates on which the lady spent most of her time talking about her recent ex. Needless to say, those ladies did not advance beyond the first round of the competition.

So. . . what is is that a guy absolutely should not do on a first date with you? What is it that will have you walking out and taking a taxi home rather than finishing that deluxe first date dinner?


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  • Getting sexual.

    We're on the first date, having a nice time, and suddenly he drops a: "So, what's the craziest thing you've done sexually?"



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  • anything physical. i dont get physical quickly, and i prefer to initiate bc i feel safer that way... so if he's advancing, it means he ignored my shutting down his advances.

    making racist or sexist generalizations about people. were just not going to hit it off, its good we found out this soon.

    jumping to conclusions, getting moody,. Patience is one of the most important traits in a person. its rare but i dont settle for less.

    being rude or disrespectful towards me or anyone else.

    • Obviously, you are a woman who knows what she wants and that is intimidating to many guys, but the intimidation just eliminates guys who wouldn't have been a good fit for you anyway.

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    • Older men do have some advantages. . . but I am not available. I have a girlfriend who enjoys monogamy as much as I do! :)

    • its ok.. im not looking :)

  • There's lots of things anyone should absolutely not do on first dates. I think you hit the nail on the head with the 3 above.

    I would also like to add:

    - Talk about the other people they are talking to/seeing
    - Argue with wait staff
    - Suggest a dine and dash
    - Introduce you to their family (on the first date)
    - Take you to a company Christmas party (as the first date)

    I think all of those are also things that should be avoided.

  • Ask me for sex, ask me to pay (even though I'll be the one paying for me anyways, but at least have the traditional courtesy to suggest paying).

    • A gentleman from my generation would never ask a lady to pay for her share. . . not even after dating for 7 months. Asking for sex: if a woman was giving the signals that she wanted it and I was interested, I don't know if I would. A guy should be thinking, "If she's willing to do that with me, she's probably done this a hundred times before tonight." You shouldn't boldly go where every man has already been.

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    • Don't settle for less than you deserve. Good luck!

    • Thank you!!! I'm trying to make sure I won't that's why I've been single my whole life haha I would rather wait than rush it and end up being disappointed :)

  • I forgot his exact words but he said something like "money can buy anything/women just care about money."

    He was a marine and the cheapest guy I've ever met.

  • talk about exes, boast about/show off wealth, be rude to waitstaff, assume that im going to sleep with him, bring up extremely controversial political issues.

    • oh, i forgot. if he picked me up and is dropping me off and doesn't wait to see that i get inside first before leaving it's an immediate turn off. to me that's just common courtesy even if it isn't a date and your dropping off a friend.

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    • A gentleman would never argue with a lady over paying for the meal. I pay for every meal that I enjoy with my girlfriend; if she offers to pay, I tell her that it is not necessary but, if she persists, I allow her to pay. I open the car door for her but I don't complain if she opens her door. Chivalry is a set of behaviors that I offer to a woman to honor her, not a rigid set of rules to which she must submit.

    • That's the perfect way to go about it! If a woman offers to pay, make sure she knows it's not necessary, but if she insists then don't be a stubborn bull about it. You sound like a gentleman. :)

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