Could my girlfriend be interested in another guy?

the other night my friend and girlfriend were in the room together playing games and watching tv (i was in the living room working on my essay) the door was open and our walls are hollow and i could hear everything they were saying. so they conversate and get to know each other and are laughing a lot while playoing the game. my girl came in two or three time to see how i was doing and she kissed my every now and then. the conversation they had went from the game to their personal lives and their interest. i walked in at one point and the convo dropped almost immediately. my friend even talked her into getting a game system and they discussed movies they wanted to see and that they should hang out again. but as it went on he mentioned he had an interest for latinas and they added each other on social media (not facebook or twitter) and as they looked at each others profiles my girlfriend mentioned a few girls on his account and he said he was interested in a few of them. then she started to give him advice on what to do and then i chimed in aswell. after i was finished with my work she came in again and said my firned was pretty cool. then hugged and kissed me and wanted to look at my hw.
now im not sure if im just stressed and over thinking things but i kinda felt like they were being a bit flirty. another friend (lets call him friend B) walked past the room looking at them and he had a weird look on his face.
however their is also info to go against this. that same night my friend texted me that i should marry this girl and i asked him why and he said that i probably found the one. he also told me not to hook up with a girl (before i was dating my current gf) because it could ruin what we could have had (me and my current gf) also my girlfriend fears that i will leave her for someone else (she thinks she isn't good enough) all of this seems a bit ironic and im not sure what to do with the whole situation. im tired, stressed about school and i just need help. ugh... please comment on how to deal with this.
  • you have reason to be suspicious (talk to her and your friend)
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  • you dont have reason to be suspicious it was a simple convo (talk to her and your friend)
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  • your a bit insecure (talk about it)
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  • your just stressed out man
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  • focus on homework then the situation
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Hey thanks a lot GaGers i appreaciate the opinion post! Im trying not to be insecure about the situation or jealous because they dont do anything to fix the problem.


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  • You really don't have anything to be worried about. The whole thing with the convo dropping when you walked in is kind of like when you're at a restaurant and the waiter comes by. You stop talking even though what you're talking about is normal conversation. You're just reading into things too much.

    • I hope im over thinking it. If so how can i ease my mind and get over the insecurity?

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    • Your right. Im not good at this talking it over stuff. So im not sure how to approach her about it. Any tips?

    • Just tell her you want to talk to her. Tell her that you've been feeling a little insecure about your relationship. You have to reassure her that you trust her but that you want to hear from her how she feels about you and your relationship.

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  • Jealousy is a useless emotion if you really think about it man. if its gonna happen its gonna happen. Focus on your work and be happy your girl likes your friends.

    • Thanks im gonna try! Its buggin me but i have to focus on school

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  • I think they just get along well. Don't worry about it that much. If you see or hear any future interactions between them that makes you uncomfortable than have a talk with her.

    • Makes sence. Is there anything i should look out for? And how would i even bring up the issue?

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