Girls, would a guy with a vocabulary bigger than yours intrigue you or put you off?

As in using words you don't know
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Most Helpful Girl

  • I prefer intelligent men, as I am very advanced for my age. I need someone who thinks like I do, and can also teach me a lot about things I never knew I would be interested in. We would have to have almost entirely different interests (aside from what connects us) so that we can have a relationship full of learning new things about one another and what we're interested in.

    Long story short, a large vocabulary doesn't ONLY intrigue me, it turns me on.


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What Girls Said 3

  • My boyfriend knows words I don't know. I know words he doesn't know. We are constantly learning new words together. It's a good time.

  • It depends, if he doesn't make fun of me then I won't mind.

  • Well, I speak 3 languages. I'd be a bit uncomfortable if his vocabulary exceeded mine in all three languages. I am a bit competitive I guess.


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