How do I invite a girl to my home for some netflix n chill?

Were only friends but who knows. And when i say netflix n chill i actually mean i want to watch movies with her. If we do a little somthin' i wouldn't mind.


Most Helpful Girl

  • Pick a movie and ask if she wants to come over and watch it this weekend. Don't use "netflix and chill," just actually ask her to watch a movie.

    • Plus if you pick just one specific movie (maybe pick something up from Redbox), then it's not a huge commitment for her. Netflix is too broad and she could end up feeling stuck if she doesn't want to be there. Or else you guys would end up spending hours browsing Netflix trying to pick something. So be specific, and keep it short. She'll be more likely to say yes if it's not a huge commitment right off the bat.

Most Helpful Guy

  • be like "wanna watch a movie at my place and hang out a bit" dont say the word netflix or chill


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What Girls Said 1

  • "Hey I got a new movie, do you want to come over and watch it with me?"

    • but he didn't get a new movie... there gonna be choosing from netflix she's gonna catch on

What Guys Said 1

  • You ask "we should netflix and chill" and hope that she says yes


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