Does he like me or am I reading into this?

So we both made varsity soccer teams as freshman, I caught him lookin at me a lot then. But I figured it was because we had both made the teams. He showed up a few times to my student council meetings even though he is not on it, but never really talked to me. We are on the same coed soccer team in the winter so we got to know eachother a little more. He is very shy but very sweet. Anyways the other night he found my snapchat even though we didn't have each other's numbers so that meant he had to ask someone for it! We chatted on that for a bit before one of our games. After that I got his number and that might we texted for a while. During which I found out he loved to ski too, so I said we should go skiing together sometime. He agreed. Then we were playing 20 questions and he stopped texting randomly. The next day I snapchated him again. A few hours later he responded and once again we chatted on that for a bit before switching to text. I keep offering to play20 questions with him and he always agrees but once again during the game he randomly stopped talking. And I haven't reached out since (that was yesterday) so my questions are;
does he like me?
how do I get him to initiate convos
what should I do next?

thanks everyone!


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  • i think he likes you


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