Help.. Howshould I pursue after my high school crush?

So its being 5 years since i graduated high school. I use to have a crush on this girl. Due to being very shy i never told her or anything. I just use to say hallo to her but nothing crazy. Now for some eeason or other we came accross again. I completely stop being shy due to having to talk to my customer all day. I have better people skills. We started talking again. How should i proceed. I dont want to make her annoy by messaging too much. At the same time i dont want to missed out on my second chance. Also i have vacations in three weeks and i had plan a vacation trip on my own. Now that i know her, is there an easy way to invite her along. I dont want to creep her out.


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  • Don't ask her on vacation yet-- it's WAYYYYY too soon for that! Start by asking for her number :)


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  • Message her but use text as a way to show her how fun/nice person you are don't tell her too much about yourself just yet. After texting for a couple days to a week. Go up to her and ask her if she has any plans on "insert day". If she says no tell her "how does such and such sound". Then everything goes from there.

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