What's wrong with me? I always intensely like a guy, and then it just stops and I get very disinterested?

I'm 21. So I realize I'm young. But I've never been in a serious relationship. The longest was 4 months, which ended like overnight because I literally went from adoration to dropping him without a thought, no regrets, nothing. Like an off switch. and it's like that with all guys I have things with. Because I have gotten great genes, I am visually appealing and I am smart.. Most guys I try to get, I get. But then we will be seeing each other and I will be CRAZY for them... Build em up high and just adore them. But then it just stops overnight. Or in a matter of an afternoon, it hits me and I lose interest without any reason at all.

whats up with this? Is it because I just haven't met someone I'm actually compatible with? My theory is I build them to be someone they aren't, and then when I realize they are a fabrication of my own, I put an end to it.


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  • It seems like your a heart breaking harpie.

    • I'm not trying to be. Each time i genuinely think they are the one.. And then they aren't

    • Sure and if I had wheels I'd be a wagon XD

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