I like this guy but he was sick recently and?

I like him a lot. But lately I have noticed some weird things in his behavior and health.
He fell sick and had a cold and high fever. But there was something strange about his illness.
He has always been skinny but suddenly he lost a lot of weight.

Since the last few months, he had been losing weight rapidly until he reached a point where he was stick thin. And he wasn't sick those times.
The weight reduction was so obvious so that he had a really gaunt appearance.

He's a person of color, has light olive tinned skinshade but when he was sick, his face had turned white and he was pale. He was doing his professional work during the period he was sick so it definitely wasn't a severe illness like typhoid or malaria. It was more if the high fever and such yet the look he had was scary.

He also has strange red cuts and marks on his wrists sometimes.

I hate to say it but he has had drug allegations in the past and when he was asker about it, he just said he's upset on hearing how he's being accused of being a drug addict but didn't deny that he doesn't do them
He's alcoholic. Drinks a lot. And was caught smoking weed.

Lately, he has been resting at home and eating well so he has gained weight and looks healthier but there's something not right about him.

What could be the reason? Do you think he does drugs and his substance abuse is leading to health issues?

by the way he's 23.


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What Guys Said 2

  • There is a lot going on there, so any and all could be contributing to his health issues. First, I would not be too concerned about the smoking of weed. I would not recommend it unless the pers0n has a medical condition that is alleviates, but otherwise, one should not do it, yet it is minor.

    • Somehow I bounced out before done. Next thing is the red marks and cuts sounds like he inflicts these on himself, a sign of psychological problems.

      Someone losing weight that severely over months is either on a chemical treatment for something (such as cancer) or is somehow causing the problem himself. Again, that would be a sign of psychological problems.

      He does not deny the drug allegations and they sound serious and likely, so another problem.

      And you state he definitely is alcoholic.

      He has taken himself into a deep place that he has to get himself out of. At the very least, he needs to admit all his problems and put himself under the car of trained personnel.

      Getting close to him will likely drag you under. I recommend you advise him to get help, but do not try to take it on yourself. It is way beyond your capabilities.

  • The addictions are taking their toll


What Girls Said 1

  • It could be, that and depression possibly.


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