I don't want any kind of romantic relationship with anyone but no one seems to understand it?

specially guys who says why can`t we be sex friends.


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  • Most girly girls like having relationships, I don't understand

    • I don't understand relationsships. I'm focus on my career. And i for sure not looking for going and sleeping around.

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    • well my friends always says that i'm just too cute, pretty, and there is an expression I don't know if you know it but it's "fresa" in Spanish and that I can't do things like get dirty and get in the mud (literally cuz I volunteer once building houses for some poor families and my friends didn't believe it) and the funny thing is I actually don't feel that way, but it`s the image some people have from me. I haven't ignore a relationship, if it would came it would be ok. But some girls are with guys just because they don't want to be alone and people come and ask me why am i alone, and there is nothing wrong with that. I didn't understand you last question. But I was recently telling a guy who wants to be friends with benefits, that I don't want to and he was insisting and seems to not understand I didn't want to but i'm not looking for a relationship as well, I just think a relationship will happen when the time is right but it`s not like you have to be looking for it.

    • Yeah well, they happen when you least expect it, of course, but, to just avoid them completely, is just, counter intuitive

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  • Wouldn't friends with benefits be a good thing for you then? You can have sex without the relationship. Isn't that what you want?


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