Is it ok to kiss on the first date?

Assuming it goes well... And say you didn't know each other much before the date... i always have, but i never know if the girls want it that quickly
  • im over 20, yes
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Most Helpful Girl

  • u can, 100% but id say it depends on her body language. that's important. don't force it.
    i personally would rather not kissing on the 1st, but that's just me. it's more critical that u observe how open her expressions with u are, such as if she's engaged, is she playfully touching u, holding ur hand, smiling a lot, looking into ur eyes, glancing at ur lips, etc.


Most Helpful Guy

  • if the date goes really well and the connection is there and is the right moment, then i dont see why it couldnt happen. its not about whether it should be on the 3rd date or when it gets serious. i think in my opinion it should be whenever it feels right. if the girl and u are having an awesome time and it just feels electric, who cares if u r on a first date. just do it bc relationships move at different paces. its not about how much time uve spent but the quality of the time.


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What Girls Said 2

  • I rather not kiss a stranger.

  • Your dating? Lucky you!

    • What? U wouldn't want a kiss? Why not?

What Guys Said 1

  • Sure you can, you just have to be respectful of what they want to remember not everyone does first date kisses, but if she seems receptive to it and her body language say's go for it then you haven o reason to think otherwise.


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