Guys Am I over exaggerating?

Ok so I have a boyfriend he is 20 and I'm 22 we started as friends hooking up but then feelings got involved we decided to get serious but lately we been fighting because every time he comes over my house he doesn't take his shoes off he doesn't get comfortable or when he does he starts saying ok I'm leaving at this time and he keeps repeating it over and over again. Makes me feel like he doesn't want to be with me and he never invites me to meet his friends when he has met all of my friends and every time I invite him he says I'll see and if his friends aren't doing anythIng he says ok then comes and makes me feel like second choice when I would rather hang out with him any time but I don't think he does I've tried telling him but he gets mad at me saying I already saw Tuesday what else you want me to do and gets mad and stuff he says and does seems like he is scared he's not gonna spend enough time with his friends or his friends are gonna judge him but doesn't seem to care what I think! But I'm positive he is not cheating am I exaggerating for asking him to spend time with me to try to take me on dates or just do something!! Include me in his life a bit more! I already fought over and over and feel like I ran out of options or am I asking for too much I just want him to want to hang out more than once a week go places do things but I still wanna give him space for his friends. And his life I feel like I'm his last restort and he doesn't understand that he just sees it as me getting mad he hangs out with his when that not it at all I'm just asking for the same respect and time he gives his friends and am i exaggerating?


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  • Well, simple question actually! In the whole world, It's really difficult for us to catch the right person! Only when both of us care about each other! Then both of you can be fairly enough to live together! However, It's impossible forever! What we can do is to focus on the communication with each other! If you guys still cannot accustomed to each other, then find someone else who really care about you!
    Don't be confused on one thing and go asking! Go change! Enjoy your communication! Hope you can be happy!


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